Premium 1:1 Coaching
With Ellie

Be coached by an industry leader, specialising in science based nutrition and training for optimal results. Ellie understands your journey is like having a strategic bestie along the way!

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Welcome to our premium

1:1 coaching with ellie

You’ll not only get access to our brand new app but have Ellie guiding you every step of the way on your journey.

Ellie has worked with thousands of women just like you providing the ultimate 1:1 personalised journey to nutrition and training excellence.

Ellie has been in your shoes and understands your journey. She passionately preaches the three tiers of health as nutrition, training and mindset and helps you excel in these areas along the way.

Working with Ellie in a 1:1 capacity ensures that you experience personalised nutrition tailored to align with your specific food preferences and customised training that suits your preferred environment, whether the home or the gym.

Each week, Ellie reviews your progress and provides feedback adapting your plan to your body’s response.

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What you can expect

from coaching with Ellie

Customised Weekly Training Plan

Tailored to your unique goals, lifestyle and needs: designed to help you achieve your desired results.

Personalised Weekly Meal Plan

 Catering to your specific likes and dislikes as well as dietary requirements and meal requests. You will also receive your own intake targets for self guided tracking.

1:1 Chat Support

With Ellie who is so passionate and dedicated to your goals not to mention FULL OF KNOWLEDGE!

Weekly Check Ins

With Ellie in the Fit By Ellie App where she will review your progress and provide feedback.

Access to the Fit By Ellie App

Everything you need to succeed in our own app experience.

Community Group Access

So you can connect with our one of a kind community!

The Premium Difference

What makes our Premium Coaching different to our 8 Week Challenges?

Fit By Ellie Personal Training & Coaching

Your own dedicated coach

Fit By Ellie Personal Training & Coaching

A strategy tailored to your progress

Fit By Ellie Personal Training & Coaching

Weekly check in with feedback

Fit By Ellie Personal Training & Coaching

Meal requests and customised nutrition

Life Changing


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