Our mission is to empower women in their fitness journey through sustainable methods that provide support, education and accountability while achieving results.

Meet Ellie

I’m Ellie, the founder of Fit By Ellie. I founded Fit By Ellie with the mission to deliver something for everyone when it came to empowering you with the tools to succeed on your health and fitness journey.

I am proud of the strong and empowering community within Fit By Ellie that sets you up for a complete experience when it comes to achieving your goals.

I wanted to ensure you were never alone which is why we’ve spent the time and dedication in building a team that is full of knowledge, passion and education in nutrition, training and coaching.


Balanced Nutrition Fuelling Your Body and Your Love For Food

Our nutrition plans are personally customised according to the food you love to eat. Forget missing out on your favourite food you can enjoy a balanced approach of wholesome and nutritious food as well as your favourite treats!

Train to Feel Strong and Confident

Our training plans are designed to give you confidence in the gym as well as progress and results. Feel empowered as you move your body in a way that feels good to you, guided with expertise and tailored towards your specific goals.

Be Coached in the Way that Feels Right For You

Our coaches are highly educated and committed to coaching you through a highly personalised one-on-one or interactive community setting. Our coaches are committed to fulfilling your support needs in your journey to success.

Be Part of Community that Uplifts and Supports Your Goals

In being part of the Fit By Ellie brand you’re welcomed into a community of like-minded women working together on becoming better, stronger and more confident. Our community of thousands of women around the globe show you the power of many!

The Fit By Ellie App

In 2024 we welcomed the Fit By Ellie App which came with a new look, new feel and new us. In our quest to make the FBE experience elite for our community we introduced the ability for your journey to be all in one seamless place.

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