Water aerobics, what is it?

Water aerobics what is it Benefits

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For the past three months I added water aerobics as part of my workouts and I have been loving it! I also tried a few classes of water bike, I like it but I found it pretty repetitive and suuuuuper hard on my calves.

Water aerobics, what is it?

Water aerobics is a fun and relaxing way to workout. A lot of people might have the (wrong) idea that it is easy and not super useful, but let me tell you they are wrong!! ๐Ÿ™‚ In my opinion, it is a good option if you are just getting back into working out or if you want to get a more diverse range of workouts.

Classes last between 45 min and an hour and might have different intensity levels. I usually tend to go to the hardest ones as I feel I am getting a real workout. For the first 25 minutes it will be a combination of cardio and strength training targeting different areas of your body. Only using your body weight but if you want to make it harder, you will have the option to add weights on your ankles. For 15 minutes, using two pool noodles, you will work on your abs, it can be a little challenging at the beginning to find the right position and to maintain your balance while doing the exercises. But trust me it gets better ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally, the last 5/10 minutes are for stretching and relaxation, which is my favorite part!! Most of the stretch exercises are the same that the one you are doing after a regular workout session.

You should be expecting lots of jumps, fun, new friends and I found out that sweating in the water was a thing haha ๐Ÿ™‚


What are the benefits?

  • Different intensity depending on what you are looking for. Most moves have alternatives if you find it too hard and cannot perform one move in particular.
  • Good workout for people with injuries or that are starting to workout because it does’t put a lot of pressure on your joints.
  • Even if it looks easy to do, the water resistance will force your muscles to work more.
  • Water aerobics will target different areas of your body: waist, chest, legs, back and your shoulders. It is also a good way get rid of cellulite!
  • You will also improve your cardio without having to run on a treadmill for hours!!!
  • And finally, it is super relaxing and it a good way to make new friends ๐Ÿ™‚

Results on myselfย 

So I discovered water aerobics through my gym membership, as 3 classes/ week are included. Which is super nice because I don’t have to spend more money on working out! I usually use my 3 classes every week and I definitely see improvement on my hips and legs (which is the part I am working on the most!). I lost 5cm on my hips since I started three months ago!! Also I feel like my arms are way more toned, and I don’t work on them at the gym!

And finally, as my coach said the day I started to motivate me 30 minutes of water aerobics equal 1h30 minutes at the gym, yeah yeah you read it right! So try to find a class next to you and give it a try!

Let me know in the comments your experience with water aerobics!

See you soon <3

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