Yoga: Why I started and how it can improve your health!

why i started yoga and benefits

Hello <3

As a lot of you might know, I started the Bikini Body guide about 8 weeks ago, you can click here if you want to see the first results 🙂 I mentioned in this article, that I started practicing yoga about 3 times a week. Today I am sharing with you guys how I feel about it and some of the benefits that you can see pretty fast!

Incorporating yoga: 

So everything started back in last November, during Thanksgiving break when I was visiting my boyfriend’s family. His mom is really into yoga, I joined her for a class and I really enjoyed it! I felt so much peace in my mind, and my body was stretched and well rested! I started to follow some yoga accounts on social media and I came across the stunning pictures of Sjana. If you like yoga and beautiful places, you should definitely follow her 🙂

When I moved back to France, I joined a gym, did some workout group classes as well as cardio and some weight training. At this point I was not happy with what I was doing… I just decided to quit and find something that I was loving! I decided to give the BBG workouts one last try and to actually fully commit for at least the first 12 weeks! So far I am doing pretty good and I can definitely see improvements, which is always so encouraging 🙂

The app changed a lot since I last used it back in early 2017. And I realised that Sjana was part of it with a “Body and Mind” program! I go super excited and wanted to give it a try! I still wanted to lose weight and tone up so I am following as my main program the BBG guides. But every week I am trying to do at least 2 yoga sessions with the app and 1 at a yoga studio! The BBG sessions are shorter than a normal yoga class (around 30 minutes) but it is good when you have a busy schedule!

Benefits of yoga:

As I said, I started 2 months ago and I can see how my body and mind changed. I will share with you now some of the benefits of yoga that I found true for myself.

Some of the benefits that I found true for myself:

  • Build strength
    Since the beginning of my fitness journey, I have always been scared of making my muscles big. I just wanted to tone my muscles and look fit. Yoga will work your muscles deeper so it really helped me gaining strength especially in my arms without getting “big”.
  • Better posture
    I think that a lot of people nowadays have issues with their posture. Spending the whole day either on a computer or phone your tend to bend forward your neck and upper back a lot… Practicing yoga made me more aware that my posture was actually pretty bad. And that it was definitely something that I needed to work on!
  • Flexibility
    I used to do be pretty flexible (I did ballet for about 10 years) and 2 years ago I wanted to get back to dancing, and took a ballet class in college. And woooow, I never realised how much flexibility I lost over these years 🙁 Anyways, since I started practicing yoga, I noticed a major improvement in my flexibility even in 6 weeks!! Now, I can fold forward and put my hands flat on the floor, yaaaay 🙂
  • Better balance
    It has never been a big issue for me, being a former ballerina, my balance remained pretty much the same. However, some of the yoga poses really challenged my balance and had to hold on to the wall to not face plant haha! I can see, two months in, that I can actually hold the poses for the set amount of time.
  • Relieve stress
    I am someone that always had pretty high stress levels. Because of that I wanted to find an activity that will get me more calm. (I even did boxing in high school to relieve my stress and it didn’t really work haha!!). After a yoga session, I feel like an other person, I focused on my breathing and not on everything that is happening around me!
  • Feeling more rested
    I usually do yoga in the evening after work, before I get ready for the night. I really think that it helps me cool down, and gives me some time to reflect on my day. Also, I noticed that even if I sleep less (because of early mornings at work…) I feel more rested because I probably have a deeper and better sleep!

See you soon <3

Why I started yoga + benefits

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