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Foam roller review

Hello <3

Today I am back with my first product review! Since I started BBG a couple weeks ago, in the recovery part, Kayla Itsines recommended to use a foam roller. I started looking for one where I live but there is not too many options… And the ones I found were not the one I was looking for or Pink Foam Rollerwaaaaay too expensive!

So I decided to look on Amazon, they have literally everything there!! And I found what I was looking for: a PINK foam roller 🙂 I read so many good reviews on it and it was on sale for $19,99 instead of $54,99!!! If you want to buy the same, just click here. And the truth is I am not disappointed in it!

So here are some reasons why you should be using a foam roller when you have an intense workout plan (and this one in particular):

  • Light and super easy to transport with its bag. It comes with a transportation bag so you can take it everywhere with you 🙂
  • “It hurts so good”, I read that somewhere and thought that it was so accurate to foam rolling. The foam roller releases pain from your sore muscles with even more pain but once you are done, your body feels amazing!
  • Foam rolling will help you to get a better blood circulation and also prevent injuries.
  • It will improve your mobility and flexibility.
  • The ridges will help you work on some points that are difficult to reach with a plain foam roller, like your upper back and neck.
  • It takes a little while to adjust. You have to be careful with every position and be able to distinguish the pain of foam roller and actually hurting yourself!
  • It is not really a negative point but it is not a beginner foam roller! You have to know what you are doing with it!

Overall, I am really glad I purchased this product and I think it will be a great addition to the stretching I already do. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

See you soon <3

Review foam roller

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