10 ways to avoid snacking when you are bored!

10 tips to avoid snacking

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If you know me personally, you know that I am a huge snacker haha 🙂 I will choose snacks any days over a real meal. I learned the hard way that it is not the best option for your body for manyyyy reasons! Since mid-august, I have been on a stricter meal plan so I can reach my fitness goals. So, I am sharing with you 10 ways to avoid snacking between meals, that I personally use pretty much everyday 🙂

Meal planning

Every Sunday, I am planning all my meals including snacks on my Happy Planner Fitness that I absolutely love! I have been using it for about 6 weeks now, and I really like the fact that during the week. I never have to figure out what I am going to eat, I just look at my planner and make whatever I chose for that meal! I even schedule snacks, so they can fit with my macros and I know that I have another small meal to look forward to after lunch! A review on the fitness happy planner is coming soon 🙂

Don’t skip meals

This one is so important to avoid snacking but also to lose weight!! If you are skipping a meal, chances are higher that you will be craving (bad) food before the next meal. It is also not super good for your metabolism, food fuels your body so you will tend to be more tired!

Eat fuller meals

Instead of restricting yourself when you eat, use the rule where you have 1/4 of your plate of proteins, 1/4 of carbs and 1/2 of vegetables. If you don’t eat enough the results are going to be the same as if you skip a meal! If you are hungry 2 hours after you ate, that means that you didn’t eat enough!!

Drink water

A lot of times when you feel like you are hungry, it is because you are dehydrated! So every time I feel hungry, I drink a big glass of water and usually it works perfectly!

Don’t impulse buy junk food

If you don’t have junk food at home, you are less likely to go out and buy an unhealthy snack when you are hungry.

Take 5 minutes to breathe

Sometimes, hungriness comes from your mind. Just take 5 minutes to yourself, to breathe and focus on something that will make you happy!

Allow yourself to enjoy 

If you are out with friends or family, please do enjoy your time with them even if you are not eating something super healthy. It is totally FINE. The worse thing that can happen when you are on a “diet” or clean eating, is to not eat something that you really want!

Always have healthy snacks 

In case you are really needing a snack, try to always have healthy snacks in your house, purse or car, … I usually always have an apple, almonds or some grapes with me, in case I am starving!

Keep yourself busy

Sometimes being hungry comes from the fact that you are BORED, so just get up, go for a walk, do some exercise! And you’ll see the sensation of being hungry will be gone! (And it’s also a good excuse to get some exercise in!)

Brush your teeth!

This is an advice from my mom and I didn’t really believe it at first haha! But I have been doing it for quite some time and I don’t have anymore after dinner cravings!

Hope you enjoyed this article and that you will use some of these tips! Do you have any tips to not be snacking all day?!

See you soon <3

10 tips to avoid snacking

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