10 tips to run 10K in (almost) no time!!

Run 10K in almost no time

Hello <3

As some of you know if you follow me on Instagram I am running a 10K in 10 days so I thought that I would give you 10 tips that will make the race easier 🙂

  1. Run frequently.

    I made myself a workout plan that I sticked with. I was running 30 to 45 minutes on Mondays and Saturdays and up to 1h15 on Wednesdays two weeks before the race.

  2. Add kilometers every week to your distance.

    I started my training with running a full 5K and then added one extra kilometer each week.

  3. Don’t run too much.

    In order to be ready you don’t have to run 10K three times a week. There would be risk of tiring your body and get injured!

  4. Vary your workouts, you need to build your strength.

    A 10K is not only about cardio!! You need to hit the gym a few times a week, to make your body stronger and improve your efficiency!

  5. Try a practice run the week before on the actual trail.

    The race organisers send us the exact trail so on Wednesday I am going to do my last practice there with the group of people that will be doing it with me.

  6. Find a running buddy

    That will keep you motivated and push your limits. I personally run with my brother, he has way better cardio than I do, and I am super competitive with him so I never want to give up haha 🙂

  7. Take two days off running before your race.

    You need to give your body a rest so you can be super efficient on the race day.

  8. Don’t start too fast

    in the first kilometer or follow a group that will be too fast for you. Try to go at your own pace, you should be able to talk during the first 5K, otherwise you are probably running too fast!

  9. Breakfast before the race is your key to success!

    My trainer recommended to drink a cup of green tea with two slices of whole wheat bread. And also, try to eat at least two hours before you start running!

  10. Listen to your body.

    If it’s your first 10K don’t hesitate to slow down or even walk when you feel like you need it.

And after your race apply “The race-recovery rule”, allow your body one day of recovery for each mile that you run! So for me I will have 6 days off running, I will keep going to my water aerobics class though 🙂

Hope this article will help you and if you have more tips don’t hesitate to write them in the comment!

See you soon <3

10 tips to run 10K in (almost) no time!!

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