10 Tips to lose weight easily!

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Over the past couple months, I started to get as much knowledge as I could on fitness, eating plans, and how your body works in order to create the best plan for myself. As I went through a lot of articles, I decided to create a list of 10 easy tips in order to be less bloated and lose weight!

Cut any sugary drinks from your diet

These little bottles can contain up to 200 calories  and don’t bring any good nutrients to your body. If you like flavoured drinks try to infuse fruits in your water! My favourites are berries or lemons. Coconut water is also good for you 🙂

Don’t skip breakfast!!

I remember my mom telling me that every morning before leaving for school, and I was just ignoring it! Since I started to have a good breakfast in the morning, I feel that my body has so much more energy and that I was actually paying attention in class instead of being half asleep.

Track your progress

I am a planner addict and I really wanted another planner just for tracking my exercise, water intake and meal planning. I chose the Fitness Happy Planner, you can find it at Micheal’s and it is on-sale right now 🙂

A workout will take you less than an hour!

I am the lazy type I could literally binge watch a TV show all day while eating snacks on the couch 🙂 Not healthy at all, and I usually feel bad at the end of the day that I didn’t take the time of an episode to squeeze in a little workout.

Start with setting up small goals

If you have reachable goals it will keep you motivated for a longer period of time. I like this saying “It will take you 4 weeks to see the first result, it will take your friends and family 8 weeks, and it will take anyone else 12 weeks” Progress and weight loss do not (sadly) happen overnight!

Stay hydrated!

Water, water, water! Your body is composed of around 60% of water, as the day go an average person will loose between 105 and 125 ounces of water in sweat, breathing, and urine. So you can see how important it is to drink (professionals recommend 68 ounces of water everyday) for your body to function correctly!

Clean eating!

This one is pretty obvious but so important, I like the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Your body is a reflection of what you eat, by switching my diet I saw such improvements on how clear my skin was! Also in the processed food you can buy in the store, you are not actually sure of every ingredient in this food. Be careful, read labels! One of my friend told me once “If the label has more than 4 ingredients don’t buy it!”. I have to admit I always keep buying some processed food but I am definitely being more careful with labels.

Portion control

Even if you are eating super healthy sometimes you will eat way more than you body actually needs. An advise that I received from a nutritionist I went to, she told me to try to eat in smaller plates, and to divide my plate in 3 parts: half would be vegetables, a fourth of protein and the rest carbs.

Sweet tooth

I have the biggest sweet tooth and can vary rarely refuse any kind of sweet… My decision is to not buy any because with me a bag of candy is gone in less than a day! Now, when I am craving sweets I will eat a cup of berries or some pineapple.

Cheat meal

(or day 🙂 ) and this one is sooooo important! If you don’t allow yourself to have a cheat meal, you are going to be so frustrated. And you might give up your whole journey faster than expected. Please, if you are craving a burger go for it!! Also you can try to find alternatives and buy healthier versions of the food you absolutely love.

Hope these tips will help you get to where you want to be!!!

See you soon ❤️

10 tips to lose weight easily

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